Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HxH Anime Song Download (1999)

These following files is not mine. I didn't upload but only find sources to download. Well, let's download and listen!! get fun...

(You can see the lyric for each song by clicking the song's name to go to the specific lyric post.)

Opening Song
  1. Ohayou (OP1 HxH TV Series) [download]
  2. Taiyou Ha Yoru Mo Kagayaku (OP2 HxH TV Series) [download]
  3. Pale Ale (OP3 HxH OVA) [download]
  4. Pray (OP4 HxH OVA G.I) [download]
  5. Believe In Tomorrow (OP5 HxH OVA G.I Final) [download]

Endning Song
  1. Kaze no Uta (ED1 HxH TV Series) [download]
  2. Do You Feel Like I Feel (ED2 HxH TV Series) [download]
  3. Hotaru (ED3 HxH TV Series) [download]
  4. Carry On (ED4 HxH OVA) [download]
  5. Popcorn (ED5 HxH OVA G.I) [download]
  6. Moshimo Kono Sekai De Kimi To Boku Ga Deaenakatta Nara (ED6 HxH OVA G.I Final) [download]

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