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[Association] The Heavens Arena

The Heavens Arena

A white tower that has 251 floors and his 991m tall towers of the city bellow. This tower is called the celestial tower or Heavens Arena and is the 4th tallest building in the world. The first arena has many platforms called rings where battles take place. All the people waiting for their turn are sitting on seats the go high so everyone can see. Above the 1st floor there are many rooms only one or more rings and a paying audience. There are screens above the first floor that display prier battles and results from the audience after betting using their command boxes. The build is divided into groups of 10, a fighter on the 50th floor if they win, will go to the 60th, but if they lose they go to the 40th floor. If one gets to the 100th floor then there are special individual rooms.

Heavens Arena fighters

1) Wing

Wing (ウイング Uingu?) is an assistant master of Shingen Ryu Kung fu; his main pupil is Zushi. He meets Gon and Killua at the Heavens Arena and eventually teaches them Nen. Although he initially refuses to train the two (even lying to them about the purpose of Nen), he changes his mind when they advance to the 200th floor of Heavens Arena, realizing they could die or be badly injured from the "initiation" rituals of other Nen users. For the next several months he teaches them the basics of Nen, after which he announces they have passed the secret final requirement for being a Hunter. He does however, somewhat fear their immense potential. Wing's teacher was Biscuit Krueger, whom incidentally becomes Gon and Killua's second teacher. Wing is voiced by Masami Kikuchi.

hxh - Wing

2) Zushi

Zushi (ズシ?) is a young boy who studies Shingen-Ryu Kung fu and Nen under the tutelage of Wing, whom Gon and Killua meet in the Heavens Arena. He is a formidable fighter and a prodigy in his own right, said to have skills only 1 out of 100,000 people have. However, he is quickly surpassed by Gon and Killua, who are said to have skills only 1 out of 10,000,000 people have. According to the results of his water divination, Zushi is a Manipulator.

hxh - Zushi

3) Gido

Gido (ギド?), one of the three fighters that challenge Gon and Killua on the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena, uses nen-charged spinning tops as weapons. He lost his legs during his "initiation" onto the 200th floor, and he gained a steel peg leg that he can use to turn himself into a giant spinning top.

hxh - Gido

4) Riehlvelt

Riehlvelt (リールベルト Rīruberuto?) is one of the three fighters that challenge Gon and Killua on the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena. He sits on a wheelchair propelled by his aura and uses two bullwhips as his weapons. The whips can also shock anyone who grabs them with a million volts of electricity.

hxh - Riehlvelt

5) Sadaso

Sadaso (サダソ?) is one of the three fighters that challenge Gon and Killua on the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena that target rookies for easy wins to become floor masters. His weapon is an invisible left arm made of Nen that comes out of his left sleeve of his long sleeve shirt. His physical left arm is always seen out of the sleeve, leaving his long sleeve shirt dangling (almost like his real arm in a cast, but it's unknown if he can move his real left arm). Sadaso kidnaps Zushi with his Nen hand to make Gon comply with his demands, namely having Gon forfeit in a match. However, Killua learns of the fight between the two and makes a threat against Sadaso's life, frightening him enough to leave Heavens Arena for good. It's unknown if Sadaso wears a mask (although it very much looks like he wears one), which is commented by a ticket seller when he's talking to Killua. When he leaves Heaven's Arena after Killa's threat, he is wearing sunglasses/goggles for the first time and his face looks less pale than before at this point (which might mean did have a mask) when he is leaving Heaven's Arena. He calls Gido while leaving Heaven's Arena to warn them that Killua will come after them next.

hxh - Sadaso

6) Kastro

Kastro (カストロ Kasutoro?) is a prominent and talented fighter in the Heavens Arena. He hangs out on the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena with the intent on building enough wins to become a Floor Master. His only loss was to Hisoka, so he trained rigorously to improve his Nen. After accumulating nine out of the ten required wins to become a Floor Master, he challenges Hisoka to a rematch. While he is quick out of the gate, delivering Hisoka a few hits without Hisoka knowing what is going on, Hisoka realizes that Kastro has been working in tandem with a doppelgänger created through his Nen. Hisoka then performs an illusion using Nen to throw off Kastro's balance, which makes Kastro just unstable enough to give Hisoka a win. Kastro's undoing was in the type of ability that he had chosen. Although he was born as an Enhancer, Kastro's ability completely ignored his strengths and used conjuration and manipulation. An Enhancer's maximum ability in these fields is 60% at best, so Kastro would never be able to use his full potential. Furthermore, his conjured double was also flawed in that although Kastro gets dirtied from blows dealt to him, his double remained spotless in combat due to it being merely a reflection of what Kastro saw of himself. Thus making it easy to distinguish between the two. Kastro is voiced by Yuuji Kishi.

hxh - Kastro

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